I have a strong desire to help clients understand and gain greater insight into what is blocking them in moving forward and living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Whether it is individual, couples or family work, we look at underlying issues that contribute to the presenting problems in a client’s life. I encourage clients to use their voice to express their needs and work to reduce shame and promote empowerment. Connections are vital for improved self-esteem and overall well being, in particular the relationship with our self. Clients will explore how to treat themselves  with respect, kindness and compassion. I use a non-judgmental, here-and-now approach incorporating mindfulness and what arises in the moment & in the room. I also explore the mind/body connection and ways each affect the other. 

Therapy is a space that provides a safe place to feel and express difficult emotions with a respect for the process. One of the most important parts of therapy is the relationship between myself and the client in the room. I work collaboratively and believe that you are the expert in your life. Together we will look at thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are preventing growth. I incorporate different modalities as each client has specific and individual needs. A few that I utilize are psychodynamic therapy (insight into past learned behaviors and patterns that continue in present day), cognitive behavioral therapy (identifying distorted thoughts and that affect our behaviors and mood including treatment of depression, anxiety), and mindfulness (experiencing and accepting positive and negative emotions, thoughts and physical sensations in the moment).